Programming Overview

31 half-hour episodes of “GINA D’S KIDS CLUB®”

Implementation of the above is carefully orchestrated into the themed scripts for each show as an educational vehicle for developing cognitive and affective elements that are established and reinforced by fun-loving adult host Gina D and her clubhouse cast of characters and puppets. In each episode characters encounter and explore situations familiar to the audience with humor and song.

Show #1-“Clouds, Stars & Sunshine”

Program Theme: “Learning about the Weather.”

Gina D and her clubhouse of characters take young viewers on a journey of wonder and delight as they experience in an elementary fashion the changing weather in the sky above the clubhouse. Sunshine means playing hula-hoop in the backyard, rain means a rainbow full of colors, and at night stars light up the

sky in different patterns. Other segments include Kids Club pet Doggie Brown, the BOBO Blocks animated cartoon, and Miss Millie Muffin making sunshine cookies in the Kids Club kitchen. Original soundtracks include “Rainbows,” “The Big Dipper,” and others.

Show #2-“Imagination”

Program Theme: “Learning to use your Imagination.”

Gina D turns her clubhouse into a magical pretend world of fantasy and fun for viewers at home. Birdie and Hammy use their imagination, to turn the living room couch into an airplane, the BOBO Blocks go on an imaginary train ride to visit letters in the alphabet, and Mr. Pockets leads an imaginary band of instruments that has everyone laughing. Throughout the show, Gina and the characters imagine what it’s like to be in a variety of professions, in a marching band, or even a fish! Gina introduces a host of new original songs including “Imagine If,” and “Bedtime Stories.”

Show #3-“Good News”

Program Theme: “Spread a Little Good News!”

Gina D and her clubhouse friends emphasize the importance of kindness and sharing with others. This positive behavior is reinforced throughout the program in character skits. Gina appears in an animated feature delivering The Good News Gazette door to door, Simon Wannabe organizes a Good News Party with the Cuddle Bugs and neighborhood children, Pierre D’Artist paints Good News

Party Invitations, and Miss Millie Muffin makes peanut butter and jelly Good News Roll-ups in the kitchen. Original soundtracks include “Do The Cuddle Bug,” “Spread a Little Good News,” and “Kindness.”

Show-#4-“Sing-A-Song Day”

Program Theme: “Music is Fun.”

Simon is helping Gina D clean out the clubhouse toy chest when he finds a music box that was a special gift from Gina’s grandmother in England. For Gina, it’s a reminder of her childhood visits when she would listen to Grandma sing songs that brought her comfort and joy. Simon, Hammy, Fishy, and the others all begin to make that same comparison with songs that Gina sang to them. Songs

include, “Sing Children Sing”, “Spread a Little Good News”, “Que Pasa-The Playtime Song” and more.

Show #5-“Helping Hand”

Program Theme: “Be Courteous and Lend a Hand to Others!”

Clubhouse puppets Birdie and Kitty refuse to help each other, creating an opportunity for Gina D to teach little viewers about the importance of being courteous. Simon and Gina demonstrate how to make a helping hands clothesline during the arts and crafts segment, Miss Millie Muffin makes cookies that look like little hands for her helping hands rap song, and Gina and Hammy emphasize the importance of being a caring friend. Throughout the show Gina and TV Ted sings new original songs supporting the program theme including the “Helping Hands Song,” and “It’s Nice to be Nice.”

Show #6-“TV Ted’s Birthday”

Program Theme: “Planning a Birthday Party.”

Let’s Party! Gina D’s animated clubhouse friend TV Ted has a birthday and she wants everyone to be a part of the celebration. She sings a variety of original songs like “Birthdays,” “Let’s Have A Party,” “Blow Out The Candles,” and more. Meanwhile Mr. Pockets creates funny things out of balloons, Simon helps  teach kids how to make their own party hats out of paper plates, and Miss Muffin

makes the TV Ted birthday cake while singing a rap song. The show ends with all the neighborhood kids attending TV Ted’s birthday party.


Show #7-“Playtime”

Program Theme: “Playtime. It’s for everyone!”

In this lively episode, Gina D gets everyone at home ready for playtime at the Kids Club with a new set of musical treats, games, and even new Kids Club characters called The Cuddle Bugs. The show is filled with games and songs featuring Gina, Simon and the neighborhood kids. TV Ted takes everyone on a train ride while singing “The Train Song” and Miss Muffin Cooks up the laughs

with her rendition of how to spell words using a cookie alphabet. A new set of original soundtracks include “Que Pasa,” Patti Cake,” and “Hide & Seek.”


Show #8-“Visit To The Doctor”

Program Theme: “Calming The Doctor Jitters.”

Hammy is not feeling well and he is fearful about going to the doctor. (Reactions similar to those experienced by children ages 3-5) Gina D, Simon and the rest of his Kids Club friends, help calm the fear of the unknown by pretending they are doctors and in a series of skits. Hammy realizes the positive attributes associated with feeling better and going to the doctor. Original songs include “I Always Want To Help You When You’re Sick,” “You’re Going To The Doctor,” and a

song called “V.I.P” featuring Gina D and her animated back-up singers The Transistor Sisters.

Show #9-“Scrapbook Day”

Program Theme: “Making a Scrapbook.”

Hammy, Birdie and Kitty are full of questions about scrapbooks. What is a scrapbook? Why should anyone make one? Gina D and Simon answer puppet questions by creating a Kids Club scrapbook of their own and Gina gets everyone involved in the project. Pierre D’ Artist helps to design and color the cover, Simon gathers pictures from the attic, and Miss Millie Muffin makes some ‘picture perfect’ treats. As Gina and her friends reminisce about special moments

displayed in each scrapbook picture, the picture transitions into a video clip from that show. Music videos include the original songs “Shake,” and “Colors.”


Show #10- “Shapes and Sizes”

Program Theme: “Learning about Shapes.”

Gina D and the clubhouse puppets introduce young viewers to the many shapes and sizes of the objects inside the clubhouse. They reinforce how these objects each resemble a circle, triangle, or a square. Throughout the show, Kids Club characters reinforce that theme with an assortment of set-ups. Mr. Pockets does an interactive segment with viewers to identify graphic shapes and sizes he magically pulls from his many pockets, Pierre D’Artist colors them, and Miss Millie Muffin turns them into cookies. Getting yourself in shape also becomes a part of the show with Gina D and the Transistor Sisters™ singing a song called “Spin It”. They encourage viewers to stay fit and ask them join in on a low-key 

exercise using circular arm and body movements. Some of the featured songs are


“Shapes,” “How Big is Big,” and Circle of Love.”

Show #11-“Join the Club”

Program Theme: “YOU are Special!”

Gina D makes sure little viewers get the message as she gently instructs them on the individual gifts and talents that make each of us special. An animated segment with a boy and girl looking in the mirror compares the their special features, and TV Ted takes us to a pre school class to watch children display their individual talents in a sing-a-long and Miss Millie Muffin bakes cookies that look like TV Ted, Hammy, Birdie, and Fishy then incorporates simple arithmetic

into a clever rap song called “Counting Cookies.” Other original soundtracks include inspirational songs that encourage positive reinforcement like “Believe in Your Dreams,” and “Special Person.”

Show #12-“Let’s Go To The Zoo”

Program Theme: “Learning about Different Animals.”

Kitty, Birdie, and Fishy take center stage with Gina D to entertain and teach young viewers about different animals at the zoo and household pets. TV Ted, Doggie Brown, and the neighborhood children are featured in a music video around the song “Let’s All Bark Like Doggie Brown”, while Simon, Mr. Pockets, and Pierre each present an interactive segment to identify specific animals from Zebra’s to Kangaroos. In the Kids Club kitchen, Miss Muffin makes animal cookies and associated animal sounds in a special song. Original soundtracks include “How’d You Like To Be A Monkey,” Zebra’s Have Stripes,” and “Hop Like A Kangaroo.”

Show #13-“Smilability”

Program Theme: “YOU have Smile-a-bility!”

Gina D reminds her friends at home that you’re not dressed until you have your smile on, and the clubhouse characters each demonstrate ways to reinforce the message. Pierre D’Artist paints a picture of frowns that turn into happy faces, Mr. Pockets takes us on a BOBO Blocks animated train ride to find the letters that spell the word s-m-i-l-e and TV Ted takes viewers to the playground for a

special “The A-B-C Song”. Miss Muffin finishes the day by making happy face cookies, then singing a song about them in the Kids Club kitchen. Original music includes “Smilability,” “The A-B-C Song,” “Have A Good Day,” and “Sing Children Sing.”

Show # 14- “Animal Alphabet”

Program Theme: “Matching letters of the Alphabet with Animals.”

Clubhouse character TV Ted introduces a game for Gina D, Simon, and young viewers at home. He shows them a letter and several different animals. The game is to match the letter with the first letter in an animal’s name, reinforcing letters, sounds, and memory. Gina sings a variety of original songs about animals including: “How’d you like to be a Monkey,” “Hop like a Kangaroo,” and “Zebra’s have Stripes.” Miss Millie Muffin makes her famous cheese kite snacks, Mr. Pockets directs the Barnyard Band, and the 3-D animated BOBO

Blocks take young viewers on a journey to Farmer Al’s Farm for a special animal  song.

Show # 15-“Let’s Get Fit”

Program Theme: “Exercise is Good for Me!”

Gina D and the Clubhouse Kids encourage everyone to get fit and shape up as they participate in simple exercises. Children have fun while learning an early lesson about the positive benefits of good exercise and good food. In a series of skits with the characters, young viewers are invited to copy specific arm and leg movements and to join the Kids Club characters in moving exercises like hopping, skipping and jumping. Pierre D’ Artist paints and colors the good vegetables to eat, Miss Millie Muffin makes a nutritious treat called “apple shakers” and The Transistor Sisters appear for a special "Let's Get Fit" exercise finale song. Additional songs include: “Always Eat Right,” “Walking,” and “1-2-3 Jump Like Me!”

Show #16-“Journey to the Land of Dinosaurs™ ”

Program Theme: “Learning about Fossils and Dinosaurs.”

Gina D, Simon and the clubhouse characters show young viewers a simplistic view of how fossils are formed from dinosaur bones, and how they are reconstructed for display at a museum. The program contains a special segment from The Field Museum in Chicago featuring TV Ted and Doggie Brown singing about “A T-rex named SUE” the world’s largest, most complete T-rex on display. The program also features a series of delightful songs and skits that

include: A field trip to the pond where Gina and Simon discover fossils and animated eggs that hatch into the Dino Bugs™, Mr. Pockets plays the dinosaur “which one doesn’t belong” game, and BOBO the Dog from the animated BOBO Blocks segment goes to a dinosaur party. Journey to the Land of Dinosaurs includes 8 original animated music videos including “Bones”, “Land of the Dinosaurs”, and a “Dinosaur Named SUE.”


Show # 17-“Let’s Fix TV Ted”

Program Theme: “TV Ted is Broken.”

Gina D discovers something is wrong with the Kids Club TV (TV Ted). Instead of responding to her in the usual manner, TV Ted begins speaking in a funnyvoice and begins playing videos backward, faster, slower, and in black and white. Gina calls the kids club handyman Simon Wannabe to come to the rescue,

using the “Fix TV Ted” manual and his handyman tool box, Simon asks young viewers to help him choose the right tool (hammer, wrench, pliers) that helps him get TV Ted back in normal working order. While in the process of being repaired, TV Ted plays back an assortment of his favorite music videos including: “Sing Children Sing,” “ The Marching Band,” “Big Dipper,” and “Trains.”

Show # 18-“Good Manners”

Program Theme: “Learning to Act in a Socially Acceptable Way.”

To a child, good manners mean “I can make other people feel special.” So after Birdie is rude and hurts someone else’s feelings, Gina gently explains that having good manners is more than just saying “please” and “thank you.” In a series of themed skits, Gina and her friends display proper manners at home, at  the table, and with playmates. The messages encourage respect for others, self-control, and patience. The program contains 6 original songs including the title cut “Show Good Manners,” “Don’t Forget To Say Please,” and a special “A French Lesson” by Pierre D’Artist.

Show # 19-“Reach for the Stars”

Program Theme: “Learning to Build Self-Esteem and a Positive Attitude.” Gina D and the clubhouse characters discuss new things they would like to learn and be able to accomplish. Simon wants to learn how to juggle, but doubt, low self-esteem and an “I can’t” attitude, keep him from believing in his dream. Gina and the other characters encourage him to overcome the negative thoughts and

work toward accomplishing his goals to be successful. Original songs by Gina D and the Transistor Sisters include, “You Can Shine”, “Reach for the Stars,” “You’ll be Great,” and “Be Proud of Who You Are.”

Show #20-“Cuddle Bug Capers”

Program Theme: “A Game of Educational Clues”

The Cuddle Bugs play a joke on Simon when they hide his hat and leave behind a trail of rhyming riddles. Simon must solve the riddles to find his favorite hat. Gina D helps Simon think through each clue. The answers to the riddles bring back fun memories of the places they’ve been and the things they have learned together. The program contains seven original songs including Miss Millie Muffin’s, “Sunshine Cookies.”

Show #21- “The Dino Bugs Storybook Adventure”

Program Theme: “Fictional Dinosaur Theme to Demonstrate Positive Moral Values.” It’s a rainy day, so Gina D and her Clubhouse friends decide to gather in the living room for a story about four newly hatched dinosaurs called the Dino Bugs. Because Cecil, Amber, Max, and Crystal were smaller, the other dinosaurs made fun of them. One day, the Dino Bugs shared a kindness with a mean T-Rex

and he became their friend. The episode reinforces good social and oral language skills. A variety of original songs include: “A Dino Bug Family,” “A Dino Bug Picnic,” and “Jumping Rope Dino Bugs.”

Show #22-“Let’s Play the Rhyming Game”

Program Theme: “Rhyming Simon teaches Basic Rhyming Skills.”

Gina D and Simon are cleaning out the Kids Club toy box while they play a rhyming game. As Gina holds up a toy, Simon tries to select a word that rhymes with the toy. The words also lead to related songs and music videos throughoutthe show and entertaining appearances by TV Ted, Miss Muffin, Mr. Pockets and Pierre D’Artist. Original songs include: “To Be a Fish,” “Have A Good day,”“Rainbows” and more.

Show #23-“Under the Sea”

Program Theme: “Learning about Marine Life”

Fishy gets a letter from a fish friend from the Great Barrier Reef that inspires Gina D and the clubhouse gang to learn more about life under the sea. They build a cardboard aquarium to display some of the fish and mammals that live in  the water. Pierre D’Artist paints some fish while singing about “The Fish Lesson,” and Miss Millie Muffin makes tuna sandwiches to a song called “Fish is Brain Food.” The program features 7 original songs including: “To Be a Fish,” “Turtles, Dolphins, Seals & Whales,” and the title cut “Life Under The


Show #24-“Learn to Read”

Program Theme: Basics on Learning to Read

Gina’s Grandmother sends Hammy a storybook with words under the pictures.Up until now Hammy has only seen picture books. Gina and the cast discuss and demonstrate the link between sounds and letters, and how letters make words, words make sentences, and sentences make a story. Seven original songs include: “Learn to Read”, “Letters have Sounds” and “Books Can Take You Anywhere.”

Show #25 -“Learn to Count”

Program Theme: Numbers and Counting

Hammy and Kitty are playing with blocks and realize they don’t know how many they have on the table. By using basic pre school math skills, Gina and the other characters teach them through skits and creative songs what numbers look like, and that they have names, meaning like “how many” and “which one.” Original songs include: “Counting is Easy”, “Counting in English, French & Spanish”, and “What’s Your Favorite Number.”

Show #26-“Puppet Friends”

Program Theme: Making Paper Bag Puppets

Simon is going to the library to do a puppet show, so he gathers some of his favorite animal puppets to take along. He has some questions about how to do a puppet show, so Gina and friends help him come up with ideas and an assortment of animal songs to sing. Additional segments feature Mr. Pockets and his musical instruments and an apple treat from Millie Muffin. Some featured

songs include: “Let’s go to the Zoo” and “Hop Like a Kangaroo.”

Show #27-“Safety First”

Program Theme: Safety First!

Gina and the Kids Club cast teach young viewers how to think about safety inside and outside the home. The program provides information about 911, and being safe around the house, or crossing the street for school. A special on location segment features a visit to a firehouse and how to Stop, Drop, and Roll if our clothes catch fire by accident. Six new original safety songs include: “Safety Comes First”, “Look Both Ways”, and “Ask First.”

Show #28-“What’s That Sound?”

Program Theme: Sounds Are All Around Us

Simon invents a machine called the Sound-A-Rama 6000 that can make all  kinds of sounds, so Gina and her clubhouse friends create a game called “What’s that Sound.” They identify sounds inside and outside the clubhouse with help from young viewers at home. The Cuddle Bugs help create musical instruments with household items, Pierre D’ Artist paints musical instruments that make high and low sounds, and Gina sings a host new songs including: “Sounds Are All

Around Us”, “Loud Sounds /Quiet Sounds”, and “Sounds of the World.”

Show #29-“Sharing”

Program Theme: Sharing is Caring.

Gina’s Grandmother sends her a special cookie in the mail. Simon wants one too but there is only one, giving Gina the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the importance of sharing with others. A series of character segments with Pierre D’Artist, Millie Muffin, and Mr. Pockets, reinforce the sharing theme, along with 7 original songs that include: “Sharing is Caring”, “Don’t Forget to Say Please”, and “Always Be Courteous.”

Show #30-“Sunrise/Sunset”

Program Theme: “Good Morning & Good Night.”

Gina and the clubhouse characters introduce preschoolers to a daily routine of tasks and events that are part of a normal daily routine in the morning, afternoon, and night. Mr. Pockets performs a walk through the day, and Pierre sings about the Clock on the wall. Additional clubhouse songs include: “Sunshine”, “Bedtime Stories”, and “The Big Dipper.”

Show #31-“Gina D's Cuddle Bug Christmas Special”

Program Theme: “Sharing with Others”

It’s Christmas at the clubhouse and while everyone else is preparing to enjoy the holiday together, Hammy is focused only on the list of the presents he wants. It becomes his obsession, but with Gina D’s nurturing, and the encouragement of Simon and the rest of the gang, Hammy finds out the greatest gift of all doesn’t come inside a box. The gift of joy comes from inside the person who offers it. The show also features a BOBO Blocks segment called “Lets Decorate the Tree”

and Miss Millie Muffin making Gingerbread cookies that dance off the cookie sheet. Original Christmas songs include “Christmas Wish,” “Santa’s on His Way,” “Christmas Angel,” and others.